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   Psychic Tarot Love      Forecasts For All           Zodiac Signs

       August 2015

     On the this page of Video Archives, clicking under the labeled boxes below, will take you to that                   particular grouping of videos on my Vimeo On Demand Videos, which are available for down load 

     and purchase.  Please keep in mind that most psychic predictions often take up to 3 to 5 years to               occur, so if you're interested looking back at past predictions for your zodiac sign may be helpful

     to give you predictions of what's still to come.

      2015 & 2016 Archived Videos are grouped on this page

   Psychic Crystal     Readings For Each    Zodiac Signs For

   September 2015 


    Psychic Crystal        Readings for Each      Zodiac Sign for

      August 2015

  Financial Forecast      Psychic Tarot         Reading For All         Zodiac Signs

   September 2015

    Psychic Crystal           Readings for          Each Zodiac Sign                 For

     October 2015



  Hidden Messages 

      and Secrets           Psychic Tarot         Readings for All          Zodiac Signs

     October 2015


   Psychic Crystal   Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for

   November 2015 

 Spiritual Guidance     & Messages For      Each Zodiac Sign             2015

   Psychic Crystal     Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for       December 2015

                                    Angel Card               Readings,           Predictions and    Messages for 2015



   Expanded Psychic   Tarot Reading for    the Year of 2016         Plus January



  What's Lucky and     New in 2016 For    Each Zodiac Sign

   Psychic Crystal     Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for       February 2016

  Love Connections      and Directions      Psychic Readings             2016


   Psychic Crystal   Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for          March 2016


     Druid Animal        Oracle Card and        Jasper Crystal            Readings              2016 - 2017

 What You Need To  Know For The Next   6 Months Psychic       Tarot Readings


     August 2016

                                  Psychic Crystal     Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for      September 2016


    Psychic Crystal     Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for        October 2016

Psychic Predictions   & Guidance Tarot

 & Crystal Reading

    October 2016


  6 Month Career        and Financial        Forecast Tarot &   Crystal Readings

  September 2016

   Psychic Crystal       Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for       November 2016

 Love Update Psychic    Readings for Each           Zodiac Sign            November 2016


   Psychic Crystal     Readings for Each     Zodiac Sign for       December 2016

   The Star 7 Card         Tarot Spread        Readings for Each         Zodiac Sign

   December 2016

  to December 2017