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Hi ​​and Welcome! My name is Pam and I am a third generation psychic. I became aware of my psychic abilities as a young child and had many psychic experiences throughout my entire life. I inherited these abilities from my ancestors on my paternal side of the family. They are part of the group that make up my spirit guides who give me the psychic insights and messages for the clients who come to me for readings. 

I also possess the gift of medium-ship, which is the ability to receive messages from the deceased. Sometimes they communicate to me through visions and symbols and other times through words and feelings.

When I was 12 years old I read the Bible and had a deep interest in Jesus and his teachings. In my teens I experienced an increase in my psychic abilities. During that time I read many books on psychic phenomena, reincarnation and metaphysical subjects.


As an adult I decided to take classes at a local community college on psychic development which helped me to further my abilities. I also studied chakras and auras as well as self hypnosis and meditation. I located a well known psychic medium and author and received private coaching from her to help enhance my medium-ship abilities.   

After an education and 22 year long career in the Culinary Arts working as a Pastry Chef, I turned my interest and passion for the spiritual and metaphysical world into a career and have been working professionally as a psychic medium for the past nineteen years.

It is very fulfilling to help people and convey messages to them through these channels. It is also an honor and a blessing for me that my many clients over the years have shared the very intimate details of their lives, and put their trust in me to look into the window of their souls.


Thank​​​ You and Many Blessings!


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