Psychic Readings

During the Readings, I use Tarot Cards in a 10 card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, and Crystals for focus and to help amplify the messages, visions and feelings. These psychic senses are known as Clairvoyance Clairaudiance, and Clairsentiance.  Spirit guides will use any or all of these channels to come through in a reading. When Mediumship is involved the deceased loved ones around you may also do the same, however sometimes they prefer to use one particular channel more then another to get the messages to you.

Our spirit guides will give insight and messages into what's happening with current and future events and also about people in your life.  I will also answer questions you may have in the event that they were not already addressed in the tarot card layout in your reading.

To schedule an appointment for a Psychic Reading please go to my Scheduling Page from the online scheduling calendar.   Once scheduled, then your payment is made on the online scheduling page using Paypal.  If you would like to contact me for any other reason, please go to my Contact Page.


With Pam Georgel

Peace and Blessings!
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