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    For Further information and more specific details check out my policies page. 

1. READINGS - A Psychic tarot reading with me is 1 hour. There are no exceptions. I only have limited availability to do private readings, so all readings are one hour long. I call you at the time of your reading.

2. PRICES FOR PSYCHIC READINGS - $161 for 1 hour.

3. WAIT LIST - AND CANCELLATIONS LIST - As of August 16th 2017 I am no longer adding people to the wait list, as there are over 650 people on it now, which moves incredibly slow, as people rarely cancel their appointments.  I also have a cancellations list, which I work from when there are cancellations and/or when I am not able to reach people on my original wait list - there are over 1018 people currently on the cancellations list as of June 2022.

4. RECORDING READINGS - I will record your reading on my digital voice recorder and send you an MP3 audio recording to you a few hours after your appointment. I do not make any video recordings of your reading, and clients are also asked to not video record their readings. AUDIO ONLY.  

5. SKYPE - I ONLY do psychic readings on SKYPE for clients who live OUTSIDE the US. I have experienced too many dropped Skype calls which interrupts my connection to my Spirit Guides and often creates delays and makes me late calling the next appointment. For this reason NO Skype for US readings.

6. SCHEDULING - I schedule al appointments from my long waitlist and my cancellations list only.  The wait is very long as there are over 2000 people on the lists combined waiting for a reading with me.

7. DOUBLE BOOKING APPOINTMENTS - One client per reading - in a 1 hour appointment. It's too confusing of the energies, and to receive messages for more then one client at a time. ALSO I do not offer the other form of "Double Booking," where a client wants a two hour long reading: this is actually very hard on any psychic's adrenal system to hold a connection with any one person for that long. Therefore it is one client per reading - in a 1 hour appointment.

8. PAYMENTS FOR READINGS - I only accept payments made through PayPal for Psychic Readings and Long Distance Reiki Healing Sessions as per my accountant.  Payment is required at the time you receive an invoice from PayPal for your appointment, to secure your appointment time and date.  If the invoice is not paid in 24 hours of being sent, I have to move on to the next person on my waitlist or cancellations list.  

9. IN-PERSON READINGS - All psychic readings with me are done on the phone. For clients outside the US appointments are done on SKYPE. Due to several factors, including also a very varied and busy schedule and booked appointment calendar, I have currently suspended giving readings in-person.

10. REIKI HEALING - All Reiki Healing Session with me are "Long Distance Reiki Sessions." These healing sessions are 36 minutes long and are done on weekdays in the morning and on weekday evenings at 9:30 PM EST, and occasionally on Sunday nights. I audio record your session and send your MP3 recording an hour or so after your session is complete.  The price of a Long Distance Reiki Session with me is $71.  Please email me to get on my Reiki Schedule at

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