Trouble Shooting Video Issues on Vimeo

Title. Double Click Here.

I am sorry you're not able to view the videos you purchased or if you are experiencing playback or purchasing issues. You should never have to repurchase a video to view it. All videos you purchased should be in your Library on 


This might be happening if you purchased them using one email address connected to PayPal and using a different email address for your Vimeo account.

It might be occurring if you purchased the video on one devise and are trying to watch it on a different one.

Also, I have heard a few years ago from someone who experienced playback issue: Sometimes when you restart your 

devise it will stop playback issues.

Unfortunately, I have no way to troubleshoot or rectify and playback issues or refund your purchases directly on my 

end. Vimeo geta a yearly fee plus a cut of every video I sell on their platform to troubleshoot and handle all issues of 

playback and purchases, once the videos are on their website.

Vimeo requires purchasers contact them directly first, as I have no access to their technology on the website and I 

also have no access to your payment and account info used on their website. The purchase was made on their website and Vimeo needs to refund you and/or straighten it out for you.

To Contact Vimeo Support, fill out this form:

1.  Select and click the drop-down arrow until you get to option: "Choose One"

2. Select: ""

3. Then a new bar opens below and select from the drop-down arrow: "watching videos"

4. Another bar opens up after that and select from the drop-down arrow: "playback issues"

5. Another bar opens up then choose: the middle choice "major issue"

6. The subject bar opens below: Type in the subject of your issue.

7. The final box opens below where you can write a description of the problems you are experiencing.

I Hope this helps. Vimeo's protocol is they want to hear from you before they will fix it or refund you. 

Please email me and let me know how you make out: If they don't help you let me know 

and then I can contact them on your behalf, but they need to hear from you first. xo Pam

If you purchased the incorrect Zodiac sign, click the link and fill out the Vimeo Support Contact Form like this:

1. Select and click the drop-down arrow until you get to option: "Choose One"

2. Select: ""

3. Then a new bar opens below and select from the drop-down arrow: "Video Purchases and Rentals"

4. Another bar opens up after that and select from the drop-down arrow: "My Rentals and Purchases"

5. Another bar opens up then choose: the middle choice "major issue"

6. The subject bar opens below: Type in the subject of your issue.

7. Then the final box opens below where you can write a description of the problems you are experiencing.

I Hope this helps. Vimeo's protocol is they want to hear from you before they will fix it or refund you.

Please email me and let me know how you make out: If they don't help you let me know

and then I can contact them on your behalf, but they need to hear from you first. xo Pam

 If You Purchased or Received the Wrong Zodiac Sign on Vimeo
 For Purchasing or Playback Issues with Vimeo Videos