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   Thanks for your interest in a reading with me!  Please know the time I have available to devote to               private readings is VERY limited. 

   * I am booking all Psychic Reading appointments from my very long "Original Wait List," and my                     "Cancellations List."

   * I stopped adding people to the "Original Wait List" in 2018.

   * I have a secondary "Cancellations List" I've been adding people to daily. I contact people on this list 

      when there is a cancellation, and also when I contact people on the original wait list and they do not 

      respond.  I also go to this list if there is an unexpected opening in my schedule.

   * Any emails requesting an appointment, I will AUTOMATICALLY ADD YOU to my Cancellations List.                Please know this list is getting quite long and has over 896 people on it as of 11/22/2021.


   * PLEASE NOTE: Due to the overwhelming amount of emails request to get on the Cancellations List, I          am no longer personally responding to each request.  YOU ARE GETTING ADDED TO THE LIST!      

   * Please do not send me emails requesting an "urgent" or "emergency" appointment.  The clients I am                    currently reading have been on original wait list since 2016, and therefore it would be unfair to skip over            them.

   * Due to the multitude of emails I am receiving, I will be directing people to this "Scheduling Page," as          all the information is here, regarding booking an appointment.

   * I will no longer be responding to the "where am I on the wait list" question.  I will contact you when            your name comes up on the wait list, and the same applies to the cancellation list. 

  * I will not be reopening the "Online Scheduling Calendar" in the foreseeable future.  It created too               much chaos and frustration when Paypal bumped people off the appointment and gave it to the                 person who's payment went through the fastest.  This was not in my control, and resulted in me                 receiving many angry emails.  Therefore I am booking all appointments from the "Original Wait List"           and "Cancellations List" myself.  

  * I will email you when your name comes up on either list, and send you an invoice for $143 (due

     to rising costs and fees I have incurred maintaining my business, I had to raise my rate $10                           effective on March 1st 2021).  You will have 48 hours to respond and make your payment.  If I do not               hear from you, I will move on to the next person on the list.

   * I am continuing to do private psychic readings for now, but I may discontinue them in the future.

   * If you contact me to get on the Cancellations List, please email me at:

   * Please check this page from time to time, as any changes to my scheduling appointments for Psychic        Readings will be posted here.  Thank you so much!  XO Pam ~ The Lucky Mermaid LLC®


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