My Scheduling Calendar is Filled

 The Lucky Mermaid LLC


      My online scheduling calendar is filled.  I am booking all appointments from my long wait -

     list until it is greatly reduced or completed.  This is continuing through 2020 until I have               worked through all people on my wait list.

     The price for a Psychic Reading with me is $134 for 1 hour.

     Please note, I am no longer adding people to the wait list as it is too long, as is the wait

     time.  I will reopen the online calendar to the public to book appointments sometime in                 2020.  Whatever method of booking new appointments and WHEN - will be updated and

     posted here on this scheduling page.

     Please know, due to the other work and projects going on with my two businesses as well 

     as family obligations, limits my availability to do private readings.  

     Thank you so much for your interest in my psychic readings.  I look forward to connecting             with you in the future! XO Pam Georgel ~ The Lucky Mermaid LLC



 Booking from Wait List 

   I will Schedule New Appointments in 2020 Once I Work Through My Wait List

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